stay happy broken social scene meaning

Broken Social Scene, "Stay Happy" by Alex Balk June 27, 2017. New Broken Social Scene album, Hug of Thunder, due out in July 12-track LP includes titles like "Mouth Guards of the Apocalypse" and "Stay Happy Stay Happy Stay Happy Stay Happy" by Alex Young Broken Social Scene is an Canadian indie rock band founded by songwriter Kevin Drew and musician Brendan Canning.. Broken Social Scene materialized in 1999 when K.C. Prior to the release of Broken Social Scene’s forthcoming album, Hug of Thunder, the indie collective have shared a new track, “Stay Happy,” … Broken Social Scene - Stay Happy Lyrics. Broken Social Scene’s ‘Hug of Thunder’ is a great new album from the Canadian band that sparked an entire wave of indie rock. I hope we never have cause to be nostalgic for now. Let’s forget it in everything. Came away unscathed You came alive in your own state I was naked and staring At the face that I could not see How could you be and I be? First commercially available live album of Broken Social Scene's cathartic live show - Recorded Direct-to-Acetate, a hyper-direct analog recording method which is, globally, only available at Third Man Records - Features new hits (Stay Happy) and fan favorites (Cause = Time, It's All Gonna Break) Album Focus Track - Stay Happy (Live) I mean, I guess that Broken Social Scene record from then was good. And … Accidental's Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning, formerly of By Divine Right, bonded their friendship into a band. Broken Social Scene Are Back for Good Two years into a reunion, the Canadian indie-rock heroes are excited to keep looking for meaning in a messed-up world Like Forgiveness Rock Record before it, Hug of Thunder and its songs may as well have been named with a Broken Social Scene title generator. Anyway, here’s something new from Broken Social Scene. Enjoy. Song information for Stay Happy - Broken Social Scene on AllMusic Watch Broken Social Scene Perform 'Stay Happy' Live In The Studio KCRW July 6, 2017 • The Canadian collective dropped by KCRW to perform a new song from Hug Of Thunder , …

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