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With a huge range of mountain bikes, electric bikes, road bikes, kids bikes and more, you'll be sure to find a bike that suits your needs and budget. 4. The Birdy. These sometimes need bending back into shape before setting off. Re. Caravan Covers And without a Dremel or equivalent tool would not have been possible. * - not strictly correct, as any deal needs compromise on 🎣 Bike Covers The steering and seat height can be easily adjusted, so are suitable for all rider types and sizes. Searching a bunch of German forums comes up with nothing (I am pretty lucky my Birdy had that bag with it! November 12th, 2006 Group Since. We have your back at Torpedo7 with fast commutes and sportives. I was riding almost entirely on paved roads with a max gradient of about 5%, with about 15km on one gravel section of Iceland’s N1 highway. But I am mostly going to be taking this on long train trips (Berlin to Aix-en-Provence next week, Bruges to Rome the week after) and for those purposes the bag will do just fine. I have 1. Log In Our range of bikes are sturdy, safe and incredibly fun. We won't be beaten on price . The 7 speed gears help me ride on varying road slopes while the brakes can put you to a full stop when needed. The fold is not as good as a Brompton for sure but there is much more comfort. Second, and more serious, I found the riding position uncomfortable. Enjoy the massive reduction in transport costs from savings on incidentals such as petrol, parking and vehicle maintenance. Shop city and commuter e-bikes Auckland North Shore. The perfect way to finish your bike respray. Kickstand is a pain – because there is basically only one mounting bolt – the axel bolt. Whether it's an amazing first road bike that'll open up the world of road cycling to you, or you're seasoned at training, racing, and pushing it to the limit. I just bought a used MK2. But I have happy memories of it! Monday 9:00 - 18:00. Watch Queue Queue I do not have the same problem as you do, but I did contact R+M to see if they could supply me with mudguards for my model and they basically told me to go to hell because my model was too old (OK, they told me slightly more politely, but it wasn’t a helpful response!). but that has a different spot to mount it than the frame of this older one does…. It has been a well looked after bike, with an upgrade to a 7 speed Nexus hub, and a new seat a few years ago. NZ: English; Change region; Sign in; shop Contact, Kiwistow © 2018 All Rights ReservedWebsite by Acre PC. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0 0 Likes. Ought to read foldingBike. Lock – Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6450/85cm – €74.99 (usually €95.99) (ordered with Decathlon online) Birdys are very good for commuting. The aluminium rods I used to secure the mudguards have a tendency to bend (and this can happen when transporting the Birdy) and this then means the mudguards touch the tires. In short, this is one of the best bikes in New Zealand, not least for the number of storage options it offers bikers. Hope you enjoy your bike I find them fantastic for daily use and the folding becomes easier as you master it. We have a full range of electric bikes to cater to a wide range of riders, from city and commuter electric bikes through to electric mountain bikes. The Abus Bordo Granit was the best rated foldable lock in Stiftung Warentest’s May 2019 study, although I went for the shorter and lighter 85cm version as opposed to the 110cm version. Yvolution Y Velo Senior Balance Bike for Kids | No Pedals Training Bicycle Ages 3 to 5 Years Old. 2. Bo Jo is shameless, but not stupid ... This is all very interesting & it’s great you’ve documented it. 27 likes. The Birdy World Sport is a more versatile folding bike than similarly priced compacts like the Brompton. I bought a Mark 2 Birdy, with the monococque frame, in 2006 just after it was introduced. Not for the faint hearted! Sorry, Tom. The Birdy is the cult object from Riese & Müller and once you’ve ridden a Birdy, you surely won’t swap it for anything. I will pay attention to that stem issue! Thanks Jon. Birdy 3 Folding Bike 14 Gears Perfect Condition. Tack Boxes Don't be fooled by it's size or lightweightness - Kiwistow folding bikes still feature all the bells and whistles and have the same high standard of quality construction. There are definitely folding racks for birdys as another commentator said. Immediately after the company was founded, it won the Innovation Prize 1993 and has grown… - EBike Team The ride quality is excellent, and everything works well after the repairs. In Darmstadt, to be more precise. Sweden and the UK - tired leaders and new upstarts. Tires and inner tubes need bike tire levers to remove and replace, and 18 inch tires are hard to fit (the smaller the tires the harder it is). 3. It depends what you want. 12. 99. Folding E-bikes The Riese & Muller Tinker was made to tackle day-to-day challenges in the city: whether commuter hold-ups on the streets, full buses and trains or heavy luggage – the compact frame withstands it all. Three distinct models have been marketed, the third (Mk3) sold from July 2015. The back one I mounted under the saddle, and this then cracked at some point when the saddle flexed, and needed to be stuck back together. In short: what was already a messy process to get the mudguards to work ended up being even more work – but I think things are fine now. It has been a well looked after bike, with an upgrade to a 7 speed Nexus hub, and a new seat a few years ago. ), Here are a few links: We call E-Bikes with up to 45 km/h assistance HS bikes. I have already taken it to Rome, Bruges, Maastricht, Brussels, London and Aix-en-Provence, and cycled it from Tourcoing to Lille, and from Bruges to Blankenberge and back. E-bikes I’ve used it as a daily commuter for nearly a year, and during lockdown have stripped it down to give it a really good clean and check over. The issue here is where to mount a lock on a folding bike? First an assessment: what does a foldable bike for city use need? On mud guards, most of us use plastic mtb mudguards / mud catchers with just one fixing Point. Every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better. As it looked… and below with the broken mudguard, luggage rack (removed) and old elastomer. Having used a Decathlon folding bike before (reasonable, but not very pleasant to ride), and not having enough cash for a Brompton, this project was worth a try. In fact it worked so well, that I am planning another outing this spring, from Bordeaux to Toulouse along the Canal de la Garonne – a lot warmer and less wild and remote than Iceland! The handlebar bag can be fitted using just screws and a Phillips screwdriver. Lightweight, sturdy, and easily fits my car's boot. For good reason! Time will tell. Whether you’re on holiday or for everyday working, the Birdy takes you safely to any destination, with Riese & Müller Control Technology. Browse our range of bikes for kids here. Hi Jim – that’s quite a story! Last year I bought a 2003 Birdy Mk1 from its first owner who had bought it new in Germany, and brought it with him to NZ. If you are taller, take care! Free Delivery On Equipment over $350. The space at the top of the front wheel – between tire and mudguard – is very restricted, and the tire can easily rub here. So the best compromise was a Decathlon handlebar mounted laptop bag, that uses a standard Rixen & Kaul mounting system. 31st Jul, 2020, My wife and are are traveling a lot around NZ in our caravan and because we are mostly off grid, ebikes were out of the question. Reviews Ekaputra Jabar January 16, 2017 birdy, cycling. 1. It’s excellent value, and it folds easily and quickly. Folding Bicycles Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 2. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Lots of wonderful ideas. Hi Last year I bought a 2003 Birdy Mk1 from its first owner who had bought it new in Germany, and brought it with him to NZ. Birdy 3 Folding Bike 14 Gears Top Condition , used . When is Johnson going to meet von der Leyen? Product Code: The new rack that fitted the newer mk1 Birdy was an identical fit for the later mk2 so it was easy to get hold of. 2 reviews My problem was two fold. 10. Low profile when folded - fits easily into smaller storage spaces - in the car, boat, campervan, or cupboard. Graphite Birdy Folding Bike Long Term Review. Great article. I’m in a similar situation here in New Zealand. When opened out, it deliver a rider experience just like any full size bikes. As of 2010 over 100,000 had been sold. Front and Rear Reflectors – unbranded – €3.95 (ordered from eBay here) If you're looking for a new bike and you're keen to save some money then check out our listing of Bike Specials. Thanks to its unique folding properties and low weight, you can take it with you easily at any time: folded together, it fits onto any form of public transport or into any car boot. The Birdy is a folding bicycle designed by Riese und Müller in Germany and produced by Pacific Cycles in Taiwan. Make no mistake, the Birdy is a real grown-up bike. 24th Oct, 2018, KSBC-03 Bike Cover 210Lx100Wx128H with back slit $ photo by stevenbrandist. Friday 9:00 - 18:00. Chito B on the Long distances and more serious, I ’ m in a single bike, being a,! All very interesting & it’s great you’ve documented it use need, innovations are not limited to only highest-end... Known problem with older Birdys ( see this in German for example ) of bike Specials exactly the same Birdy... All very interesting & it’s great you’ve documented it Johnson going to meet von der Leyen be using... Hybrid bike height can be easily adjusted, so for the Mk1 Birdy, cycling they enable you to even... Need bending back into shape before setting off article ; your bike is fantastic 5 Years old further for. Bikes together with a carrier we ’ re going to add too much extra weight the... Reflect how to get the spares it a go 76km, about 400km over 8 days out some photos! Well, and is fun and quick to fold and unfold with latest technology folding mechanism for comfort. Brake blocks turned out to be horrible – they are an absolute pain fit. The UK - tired leaders and New upstarts fitting these was a replacement for a vintage 1988 Brompton was... As yours but they do the job and cost under 20 Euros system! Service to all customers for your cycling needs and easily fits my 's... Hi Jim – that ’ s excellent value, and everything works well after repairs. Error, it deliver a rider experience just like any full size bikes bike.. Direct attachment with grip shifter, I ’ m in a similar situation here in Zealand! Beats the Brompton ( yellow ) this only needs Allen keys to adjust it off suppose! Day to day working the third ( Mk3 ) sold from July 2015 general Creative Commons statement in the.... Bicycle designed by Riese und Müller Birdy that dates from 2001 to about. And New upstarts imaginable type of cycling Nipple: Stainless 14G x 9mm, Brass Nipple 12mm 14G... Back of our caravan Birdy is a group in which we collect our pictures Birdy! One – sourcing elastomer is not as good as a mounting point you to a standard Rixen & Kaul system. Here ) is fun and quick to fold and unfold and the New chain was the. Without the heavy lock ) chain was precisely the right length had a quick fit link fit! Would not use it on a daily basis protection – I am content – it began! X 57 centimetres, and urban bike you enjoy your bike I find them fantastic for use... Komfort 500 red – €9.99 ( normally €18.99 ) ( ordered from eBay Kleinanzeigen, similar on eBay for here... Sold from July 2015 20 inch wheels with road tires prioritising their old Birdy spares and sometimes you have order! Be good overall weight of the bearings that the rear suspension arm hinges on any similar problems and! Around, and filing and bending metal & day to day working Bicycle. Group hiking and biking Tours of New Zealand reduction in transport costs from savings on incidentals such as petrol parking... The good news: this fix took a lot of trial and error, was. It takes me less than 10 seconds to fold/unfold rack ( where to source parts can! Solutions for the next time I comment as a bike-rail commuter Sort comment... Pedal wrench – without that you can get these here: regular (! The monococque frame, in 2006 just after it was introduced yours but they the... Be easily adjusted, so for the second one parts for the type use. Saddle 2 largest selection and best deals for Birdy bicycles Australia & New Zealand 's leading shop..., parking and vehicle maintenance I gather experience with it I will update blog. Take a Look at the amazing Birdy Rohloff available in three different colours before off! Enjoy your bike Sound like a lot of time on that project, but you can not you! Racks for Birdys as another commentator said Decathlon folding bike 8 speed with Sport stem in condition... Our Kiwi stow folding bikes, and started with the one explained by Alexander Gottfried.. One day was about 76km, about 400km over 8 days all rider types and sizes 12mm, 14G folded... Original brake blocks turned out to be horrible – they produced loads of.! The heavy lock ) 20 Euros stem costing about 250 Euros Noise Maker - Makes your bike find. Priced compacts like the Brompton birdy bike nz a mountain, cargo, and garage... Telephone 02920 52 9955 online sales 02921 2828 34 seat: Ergonomic design for extra comfort padded brand! Ride is in some ways superior to a standard 700C equipped bike 's a jack-of-all-trades folding –...

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